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Antibody Name:

Ab1-cart from the ZFIN antibody database.

Other names, clone ids, catalog ids etc.


Does it work on zebrafish?


Host organism


Immunogen organism


Antibody isotype

Antibody type


Anatomical structures recognized
(use terms from the ZFIN Anatomical Ontology)

amacrine cell; anterior commissure; caudal commissure; caudal parvocellular preoptic nucleus; caudal periventricular hypothalamus; caudal tuberculum; central caudal thalamic nucleus; central zone of dorsal telencephalon; corpus cerebelli; cranial nerve II; diffuse nucleus inferior lobe; dorsal horn spinal cord; dorsal tegmental nucleus; dorsal telencephalon; dorsal thalamus; dorsal zone of dorsal telencephalon; epiphysis; facial lobe; glomerular layer; habenula; habenular commissure; hypophysis; lateral funiculus; lateral zone of dorsal telencephalon; magnocellular preoptic nucleus; medial longitudinal fasciculus; medial valvula cerebelli; medulla oblongata; neural tube; nucleus Edinger-Westphal; nucleus of the medial longitudinal fasciculus synencephalon; olfactory bulb; optic chiasm; optic tectum; peripheral nucleus of ventral telencephalon; periventricular grey zone; periventricular nucleus; periventricular nucleus of caudal tuberculum; postoptic commissure; preglomerular nucleus; preoptic area; retinal ganglion cell layer; retinal inner plexiform layer; rostral thalamic nucleus; spinal cord; stratum album centrale; stratum marginale; stratum opticum; superior raphe nucleus; superior reticular formation medial column; suprachiasmatic nucleus; torus semicircularis; tract of the postoptic commissure; ventral funiculus; ventral horn spinal cord; ventral telencephalon; ventral thalamus; ventro-caudal cluster; ventromedial thalamic nucleus

Recognized target molecules (gene names, domains, epitopes ...)


Assays Tested







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