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Antibody Name:

Ab-A4.1025 from the ZFIN antibody database.

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A4.1025 , anti-myosin , anti-sarcomeric MyHC , MyHC antibody , A4.1025

Does it work on zebrafish?


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Anatomical structures recognized
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adaxial cell; adductor mandibulae; adductor operculi; atrium; cardiac ventricle; cephalic musculature; dilator operculi; epaxial myotome region; extraocular musculature; fast muscle cell; fast muscle cell myofibril; fin muscle; fin musculature muscle; head muscle; heart; heart rudiment; heart tube; hyohyoideus; hypaxial myotome region; interhyoideus; levator arcus palatini; muscle; muscle cell; myotome fast muscle cell; myotome muscle myosin complex; myotome slow muscle cell; pectoral fin musculature; pelvic fin bud muscle cell; pelvic fin field muscle cell; pharyngeal musculature; skeletal muscle; skeletal muscle myosin complex; skeletal muscle cell; skeletal muscle cell sarcomere; slow muscle cell; somite; somite nucleus; somite border; sternohyoid; trunk musculature; ventral intermandibularis anterior; ventral intermandibularis posterior

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  • Imported from ZFIN Antibody page Ab-A4.1025
  • Labels both fast and slow sarcomeric MyHCs in an evolutionarily-conserved epitope in the myosin head domain near to the ATP binding site, as shown by Dan-Goor et al. J Muscle Res Cell Motil. 1990 Jun;11(3):216-26.. PMID: 1698201 (ZFIN Staff)
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  1. Sep 15, 2010

    Simon Hughes

    The A4.1025 epitope is located near the ATP binding site of the MyHC head, as re…

    The A4.1025 epitope is located near the ATP binding site of the MyHC head, as reported in mammals by Dan Goor et al 1990.  We have found this epitope to be highly conserved in sarcomeric MyHCs from all genes tested in a wide variety of vertebrates.  The epitope is exposed in native myosin, and after 4% PFA and a variety alcoholic fixations.  It is the most reliable general sarcomeric MyHC antibody I know.  It does not detect zebrafish smooth muscle, for example in the early gut, or non-muscle myosins.