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Metabolomics service is the study of metabolism, specifically the science of identifying and quantifying the biochemical byproducts of metabolism, called cellular metabolites. This is achievedby using analytical technologies such as NMR and mass spectrometry combined with sophisticated statistical methods to interpret the generated data. Compared with genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, metabolomics provide a direct and global snapshot of all the metabolites, and tell the researchers what have happened, making it more and more popular in disease research, toxicology,environmental analysis, agriculture, biofuel development and nutrition.

The routine procedure of metabolomic research can be divided into untargeted and targeted. The formeraims for a quick and reliable identification of small molecule metabolites for a particular physiological state in response to internal or external perturbations; and the latter provides an accurate quantitation of metabolites the researcher are interested in, able to screen and validate biomarkers for medical research.

Creative Proteomics is a professional and component CRO with experienced bioanalysts and technicians, which can provide reliable and customer-tailored service, with rapid analytical procedures to speed up your research, and detailed and easy-to-read report for your publications.

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